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Why should I choose a modular house?

What’s a modular house?

We call a building a modular house, that has a lower slab structure, its walls and higher slab structure is built in our in-house factory and are delivered in one-piece to the site, where we will put it on its place by a crane. The use of the modular house is only limited by your imagination:

  • The smaller ones (under 100 cubic meter of air) used for gym or offices that don’t need construction permits to put down.

  • Our bigger modular houses are more often picked for family homes, for permanent residency. For these you will need residence permits, which we have a lot of experiences in, our own architect and concept plan help to complete quicker.

The difference between mobile and modular houses are that modular houses doesn’t have wheels. The modular house has a flat, insulated base with which it can be craned and moved, so it can be transported to the site, where it can be moved in after a few days of assembly.

Advantages of modular houses


Fast build process

The construction is quicker and pre-planned, construction is minimal beyond factory assembly: in addition to the preparation of the receiving interface, the installation typically takes 1 day.



It is easier to plan in both in terms of time and cost. You don’t need to worry about lingering constructions, or cost increase because of it.


Minimal disturbance in the living environment

Most of the construction is made in our in-house factory, so the construction in the future location of the house disturbs the residents less, less waste is cumulated, and the inconvenience of the noise and dust is minimal.

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Lower costs

During construction, there are no extra cost of accommodation and access to the workers, moreover the weather does not affect the work in our factory, so the costs are lower compared to a traditional construction.


Environmentally friendly solution

Our houses have less energy requirements. Furthermore, we use less energy during construction than during a traditional building construction.



Modular house can be added on already existing housing and our modular house themselves can be extended later on.
We also recommend our maintenance free aluminum terraces for house extension, which with insulated glazing can be converted into winter garden, thus increasing the number of months that can be spend outside.

We can produce our smaller or bigger houses in our 2000 m2 in-house factory in Komárom, regardless of the weather.

Quickly, in approximately 8 days, we will produce the house in our factory, and we will install a 45 m2 house on site in 2-3 days.

Due to the design of wall structures, it can be used all year around, 4 seasons, if needed can be transported to one place or another or expended on later.

We are flexible in our dimensions, in all cases, we construct our modules from 10 m2 to 90 m2 in our customer’s vision. If you don’t want to spend time and energy with planning, we wholeheartedly recommend our type houses, designed by our own architect.

Why choose Álomház-Álomterasz team?


Short deadline

We can manufacture a 50 square meter, 2 bedroom modular house in 1,5 week with water and electricity installation.

We can guarantee short deadlines of 1,5 months in the contract because the construction takes place in our closed in-house factory which is not affected by the weather.


Price guarantee

All raw materials and tools are available in our in-house factory so there’s no possibility of it being more expensive than what was agreed in the signed contract.

There’s no possibility of extra costs either such as housing or access to the construction workers, so the expanses are lower compared to a traditional construction.


High quality materials

We use modern materials and technology in our modular house production, which improves the quality, longevity, durability, and energy savings of the building.

The house construction process is transparent in our in-house factory, under the supervision of our technical manager thus ensuring high-quality construction.


We guarantee the quality in the contract!

Words fly away…. We keep our promises, so we boldly put it in the contract.

After handling over hundreds of houses and terraces we have efficient experience and routine to build your Dream House.


Trustworthy professionals

We are working with our own trusted and tried team of professionals, so you don’t have to worry about them disappearing overnight during construction.

Our in-house factory and terrace show park will also be here in 10 years.

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Viewable references

Visit us in our Komárom in-house factory or in our Kecskemét show park.