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Kerti bútor AKCIÓK

Modulház építők
Gross 60 m²
2 bedrooms + living room
1 bathroom

B. type family house

  • we make the point foundation
  • Outside, the façade is covered with OBS sheet + 10 cm nikecell insulation
  • Wood effect decorative inlays
  • Bramac roof tile
  • Rehau external windows and doors
  • Dryvit netting, gluing and noble plasters – with coloring
  • Base, normal amount of water and electricity outlets
  • Conception plan, that can save you plenty of time and money, it only needs to be adapted (drawn) to the given topographical number
  • It can be built as either a family house or as a vacation house

You only need to take care of the internal style of the house: internal painting and coating, sanitary ware, furnishing.

HUF 345.000 net / m²

+5% VAT (if it’s used as a family house)

The price includes the point base and installation fee

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mobilház alaprajz

Why choose Álomház-Álomterasz team?


Short deadline

We can manufacture a 50 square meter, 2 bedroom modular house in 1,5 week with water and electricity installation.

We can guarantee short deadlines of 1,5 months in the contract because the construction takes place in our closed in-house factory which is not affected by the weather.


Price guarantee

All raw materials and tools are available in our in-house factory so there’s no possibility of it being more expensive than what was agreed in the signed contract.

There’s no possibility of extra costs either such as housing or access to the construction workers, so the expanses are lower compared to a traditional construction.


High quality materials

We use modern materials and technology in our modular house production, which improves the quality, longevity, durability, and energy savings of the building.

The house construction process is transparent in our in-house factory, under the supervision of our technical manager thus ensuring high-quality construction.


We guarantee the quality in the contract!

Words fly away…. We keep our promises, so we boldly put it in the contract.

After handling over hundreds of houses and terraces we have efficient experience and routine to build your Dream House.


Trustworthy professionals

We are working with our own trusted and tried team of professionals, so you don’t have to worry about them disappearing overnight during construction.

Our in-house factory and terrace show park will also be here in 10 years.

Álomterasz vélemények

Viewable references

Visit us in our Komárom in-house factory or in our Kecskemét show park.